Curriculum Vitae

1. Degrees

  • 2008: PhD in Computer Science, Option: Information Systems, ESI, Algiers, Algeria.

  • 1994: Research Master in Computer Science, Option: Information Systems. I.N.I (National Institute of Computer Science), Algiers, Algeria.

  • 1989: Computer Science Engineer, Option: Organization, I.N.I, Algiers, Algeria.

2. Currently

  • Full Professor at ESI, Algiers (

  • Team Head at LMCS Laboratory (Systems design Methodologies) since 2001.

  • Visiting Professor at ESAA (

  • CPNE member since 01/08/2017

3. Education

  • 2021-2022: Course "Smart Goverment", 2st year (Superior Cycle)

  • 2018- 2022: Course «Insurance Quality » 2st year (Superior Cycle)

  • 2012-2022: Courses: “IT in Organizations”, “Information Systems Auditing» 2nd Year (Superior Cycle), ESI.

  • 2012-2022: : Course «Project management» 1st year (Superior Cycle)

  • 2011-2012: Courses: “Organizational Analysis”, 1st year (Superior Cycle)

  • 1994- à 2011 : Course «Organization and Information Technology», 4th year I.S, ESI

  • 2008- 2012 : Course « Knowledge Management and corporate memory », 1er year Doctoral School STIC, option: SIC (Information System and Knowledge)

  • 2005- 2006: Course «Project Management », P.G ISIC, Tlemcen University.

  • 2021-2022: Lecturer at ESAA (Business Superior School, Algiers)

    • Course: "Strategic Information Systems ", EMBA .

  • 2006- 2022 : Lecturer at ESAA (Business Superior School, Algiers)

    • Course « Information System Project Management», Master II Management, ESAA, Algiers.

    • Course "IS and Internal Auditing", Master I Management, ESAA

  • 2006- 2018: Course « ERP», Master II Management, ESAA, Algiers

  • 2004- 2005 :

    • Course «Computing Project Management» Graduate «IS-DS-SC», INI, Alger.

    • Course «Project Management», Graduate ISIDE, INI, with ENSSIB, Lyon collaboration.

    • Course «Information System and IT», Graduate studies, Management, UFC, Alger

  • 1997-1998 : Course «Information System Design», Engineer Cycle, EFTG.

  • 1990-1994:

    • Course «Databases», 3th year I.S, I.N.I.

    • Work directed «IS Design Methodologies», 3th year I.S, I.N.I.

4. Scientific Research

Since 2001: MSI (Information Systems Management) Team leader at LMCS Laboratory (Systems design Methodologies) at ESI (ex. INI), Algiers.

Research Interest Domains

· Information systems Engineering

· Knowledge Engineering for Decision making

o Cognitive Cooperation

o Ontology Engineering

· BPM (Business Process Management)

· Organization 2.0

o Web Portals for communities

o Projectized Organization,

· Web 2.0 and Semantic Web

Research Projects:

  • 2020-2023: PRFU Project Chief N°C00L07ES160520200004 "OGDIVAA, Open Government Data Initiatives and Value delivery for Algerian public Agencies),

  • 2016-2019: CNEPRU Project Chief N°C00L07ESI60520150007 Management des Crises basé Connaissance et Compétences: Etude de la dynamique collective et des leviers technologiques"

  • 2013-2015: CNEPRU project Member N°B0412009004 “PeCOSE, Collaborative Platform for stage management process in Engineers Schools”.

  • 2010-2012: CNEPRU project Member N°B0412009004, « MOaCSIE: Method and support tools to design information system for Competitive Intelligence ».

  • 2007-2009 CNEPRU project Member N°04120060001, «LIRSI, Software platform for Health Risk Identification in Industrial Environment ».

  • 2004-2006: CNEPRU project Member N°B1608/01/04-Bis, «ERM, Environmental Risks Management ».

  • 2000-2002 : CNEPRU Project Chief CMEP INI-Toulouse1 France, N°00MDU485: «Process Management and Industrial Information System ».

Scientific Activities:

· Steering Committee Member : EGC-M’2012, Hammmet, Tunisia

· Scientific Committee member at :

· Supervision of Eight Doctoral thesis (ongoing), two achived

· Supervision of Twenty achieved Research Masters.

5. Publications (since 2007)

  • Leila Zemmouchi-Ghomari, Djamaleddine Bellilet, Ikram Mekideche, Abdessamed Réda Ghomari, "Implementing Web and Mobile Applications From Linked Open Data ", International Journal of Software Science and Computational Intelligence (IJSSCI), Vol(14) N°1, available on

  • Hocine Zine, Kheir Eddine Medkour, Leila Zemmouchi-Ghomari, Abdessamed Réda Ghomari , Open Data Influence on Digital Governance, International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy, Volume 13, N°1, Page 11, disponible sur

  • Karim Benhocine, Adel Hansali, Leila Zemmouchi-Ghomari, Abdessamed Réda Ghomari, "Towards an automatic SPARQL query generation from ontology competency questions", International Journal of Computers and Applications, Francis & Taylor, 6/02/2022

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6. Administrative Experience

  • Member of CPNE-MI (National Pedagogical Committee for Superior Schools, Mathematics & Computer Science Domain) since October 2020

  • Director of External relations and continuous training (January 2011-September 2018)

  • Committee Member of Programs reform at ESI from 2010 to 2012

  • Committee Member of Internship at ESI: from June to December 2008.

  • Pedagogical Responsible at INI : from January 1996 until April 1997

  • Department Head at INI: from Mars 1994 until January 1996

  • National Pedagogical Committee Member: from January 1995 until June 1997.

  • Scientific Council Member at INI: from Nov 1994 until June1997 and from 07/2003 until March 2005

  • Organizational Committee Member of the first Forum INI-Enterprises, 14-11-2005 at INI.

  • Organizational Committee Member: 4th MCSEAI (Maghrebian Conference on Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence), Sables d’Or Hotel, Zeralda, 14-18 April 1996.

7. Language

  • Arabic: read / written / spoken

  • French : read / written / spoken

  • English : read / written

8. Hobbies

  • Reading, poetry, Geography,

  • Documentaries, Photography